BauXar Marty101 MartyWear Speakers

BauXar Marty101 MartyWear Speakers

We're a mixed lot on speakers — some of us love to have big, powerful speakers hooked up to our work computers, while the rest listen more in their car than in their home. Whatever our differences, we all decided these were badass. The BauXar Marty101 MartyWear Speakers ($400) are absolutely gorgeous, with a built-in amplifier to power the 360-degree sound coming from the mini-plug audio-in. Wood grain on speakers this cool? We're in.

  • Jamo Reference R 909 Speakers

    While our home speakers do just fine for us, we still can't help but envy at these beauties. The Jamo Reference R 909 Speakers ($18,600) are jaw-droppingly expensive, and feature two 15" woofers, a 5.5" Seas midrange and a customized 1" Scanspeak Revelator tweeter. The sound is then helped along by a radically new enclosure that almost completely eliminates cabinet-induced resonances by ditching the boxy cabinet normally expected of reference-quality loudspeakers. The end result? A speaker that is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to.

  • Philips HTS9800 Home Theater System

    If you've been looking for a stylish, semi-wireless home theater system to match that shiny new plasma or LCD HDTV you just got, look no further. The Philips HTS9800 Home Theater System ($900) provides HDMI connectivity, along with 6.1 Dolby Digital Ex surround sound via three wired front speakers and three wireless rear speakers featuring neodymium ribbon tweeters, and a dedicated sub. The looks will draw you in, but the sound is what will make you stay.

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