Baxter Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor

When it comes to getting those pesky prickly hairs off your face, nothing beats a straight razor shave — but since we're talking about a huge, potentially lethal blade running over your jugular, it's best to buy a good one. One like this Baxter Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor. Inspired by the Base Camp X Axe, the handle is handmade in Base Camp's Toronto studio from Appalachian Hickory wood, then joined with a custom 6/8" wide Blue Steel blade custom made for Baxter by Hart Steel. A water-resistant olive canvas pouch completes the set.

  • Harry's Spring/Summer Truman Set

    Shaving doesn't have to be a chore — it doesn't have to be something you dread doing each morning before you head out the door — instead, make it something you look forward to, with Harry's Spring/Summer Truman Set. With a design inspired by the idea of a vacation for one, each limited edition handle comes in your choice of palm green, shore grey, desert yellow, or nelson orange, and is topped with a wood cap. The sets come with a Truman handle, a tube of shaking cream, and three blades — perfect for a month's worth of shaves.

  • Philips Norelco Laser-Guided Beard Trimmer

    Don't trust yourself to cut your facial hair into straight lines? We can't blame you. But just like a level that lets you do a whole room on the same line, this Philips Norelco Laser-Guided Beard Trimmer creates lines for you to follow. Features include 17 length settings, a dual-sided trimmer offering both wide and narrow ends, self-sharpening blades, a battery that can run for up to an hour on a single charge, and, of course, a Class 1 laser that projects lines onto your face, making for foolproof facial hair trimming.

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