Baxter Safety Razor Set

Take your personal grooming routine back to basics with the Baxter Safety Razor Set ($250). This shaving set includes a double-edged safety razor, a genuine badger-hair shave brush, and a stand to hold both. The razor and the shave brush both have brass, nickel-plated handles, polished to a shiny finish, and featuring a pattern inspired by a vintage barbershop pole. The badger-hair brush perfectly distributes your shave cream across your face, lifting your facial hair, and letting you get a great shave every time.

  • Braun CoolTec Shaver

    Shaving irritation — also known as burn — is a fact of life for most guys that rely on a electric razor. The Braun CoolTec Shaver ($200) aims to put that problem on ice. Literally. It's the first razor to incorporate Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology, cooling down as it runs, and using an aluminum cooling bar to soothe your skin with every stroke. Of course, it still needs to cut down tough hairs to be effective, and for that it has a three-stage cutting system with a SensoBlade that's designed to cut down hairs both short and long in a single pass, no matter which direction they're growing. Adding a touch of cool to the shaving aisle in August.

  • Harry's Shave Stuff

    It's time to step up your shave game. Co-founded by one of the guys who started Warby Parker, Harry's is a new company that aims to shake up the grooming world, giving guys "a great shave at a fair price". Their launch collection includes two expertly-designed and super ergonomic razors ($10-$20) plus 5-blade replacement cartridges ($2) made by German engineers, and a special shave cream ($8) that's full of good vitamins and extracts. You can order all the Harry's stuff separately, or you can get everything in a set. Sayonara, stubble.

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