Beats Music

Between Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and the other big-name music services, you could make the argument that world doesn't need another one. But Beats Music is here anyway. And while it does offer the standard features we've come to expect from its competitors — things like playlist building, sharing, and offline playback — it also adds some totally novel music discovery features, including an advanced recommendation service and a feature that lets you tell the app where you are, how you're feeling, and who you're with, and it will create a custom playlist on the fly that's perfect for that moment. It's like having a tiny Dr. Dre inside your phone, or something.

  • Readmill

    Just because you've already gotten your hands on one of the many great e-readers available doesn't mean you should discount the portable reader you have in your pocket at any given time — your smartphone. Readmill ($Free) gives you the kind of reading experience you've always wanted, with the convenience of a device you're already carrying. The app is designed beautifully, paying careful attention to typography, contrast, and usability, and includes a host of adjustable attributes like font size and brightness. The ability to highlight and share your favorite passages makes reading a bit more social, while a wealth of free reading material means you'll never be left without a good book to dive into.

  • Nike+ Move

    While all your strongest instincts tell you to pack on a few pounds, put on your warmest pair of sweat pants, and just wait the winter out, you can still defy those urges and remain active with Nike+ Move ($Free). Designed exclusively for the iPhone 5s, this app takes advantage of the new M7 motion coprocessor to track detailed information about every type of movement you engage in, throughout the day — all without the need for additional hardware. It charts your movement and gives you points called NikeFuel, letting you compete with groups of friends to see who's the most active. Detailed graphs and charts tell you your most active days, locations where you moved most, and your peak times for movement, even breaking it down by type of movement.

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