Just because you want to listen to music wirelessly around your home or apartment, doesn't mean you need to go and replace all the speakers you've accumulated over the years. With Beep — a small Wi-Fi enabled device that connects to any stereo or speaker system with an RCA jack, auxiliary input, or optical input — you can play music to any connected speaker or group of speakers from your iOS or Android phone. With the ability to synchronize music across a range of Beeps, you can play your music throughout your place, or choose different music for different Beeps. While it only currently has built in support for Pandora, plenty of other app support is on its way.

  • Jalapeno Beat Maker

    In case you've ever wished you could have a soundtrack to your life — and not just music that played along, but a tune that actually responded to your activities — there's the Jalapeno Beat Maker ($200). Made with adventure sports in mind, including snowboarding, skiing, skating, and BMXing, this small red device attaches to your board, ski, bike, whatever, and actually remixes music as you ride and execute tricks. Able to mix up to four layers at a time from the Beats Farm music library, tracks you make yourself, or music from your digital library, this device is durable enough to withstand just about anything you could put it through. Listening to music while you hit jumps, carve slopes, and more will never be the same.

  • Bang & Olufsen Beosound Essence

    Picture a remote in your mind. What did you see? A long, rectangular black box with some rubbery buttons on it? Because that's what 99% of audio systems ship with, despite the fact that the iPod proved long ago that's not a good interface for controlling your music. The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Essence ($1,000) is closer to what it should be. This Nest-sized remote can sit or hang nearly anywhere, controlling a hideaway box that offers power for a set of stereo speakers, as well as Wi-Fi for AirPlay and DLNA streaming, and direct connection to Spotify, QPlay, and other Internet radio sources. An ideal companion for B&O speakers.

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