Beetlejuice Terrarium

The best movies create new worlds that we get to visit for short periods of time. The Beetlejuice Terrarium ($350) takes one of these worlds — that of Beetlejuice — and scales it down so it can fit in your office, den, or pretty much anywhere else you like. Created using moss taken from a forest near the artist, the placement of the tree, posts, and driveway are all accurate relative to the house, which is made out of wax, stands 1.5-inches tall, and is detailed enough to make you worried about saying the titular character's name three times when in the vicinity.

  • Popinator

    Tossing a piece of popcorn into the air and catching it with your mouth is a time-honored snacking tradition. But what do you do when your hands are full and you're hungry for a bite? The Popinator ($TBA) is here to help. Using binaural microphones, the Popinator listens for you to say the word "pop", estimates your mouth's position, and then fires a single piece off in that direction, letting you catch it with your mouth and continue on about your business. No word on when or if it might hit the market, but you can sign us up for one when it does.

  • Click & Grow Smartpots

    If your green thumb tends to be a bit brown, Click & Grow Smartpots ($60) can surely help you out. These futuristic planters use smart technology to release precise doses of water, fertilizer, and air to the plant cartridge as needed — all you need to do is pop in some batteries and fill the water reservoir. A light on the front will let you know when it's time to replace the batteries or add water, so the only other thing you need to do is find a sunny spot to set them. [Scouted by Jon]

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