Bell Star Pro Helmet

Having a hard time deciding between an aerodynamic helmet and one that will keep your head cool when you're out on a ride? With the Bell Star Pro Helmet, you don't have to choose. This first-of-its-kind cycling helmet was created from the inside-out to maximize aerodynamics and ventilation, doing so via Active-Aero technology that lets the rider regulate airflow via a simple slider that opens or closes vents. Other features include overbrow ventilation, progressive layering, and a Magnetic Zeiss Shield that allows for integrated eyewear on select models. Available in six handsome colorways.

  • Patchnride

    There's nothing quite like a flat tire to ruin a good bike ride — it's a complete pain to fix, usually expensive, and typically results in a quick end to your trip — at least until the Patchnride. This simple, portable device lets you easily and permanently fix a popped tire on the road, letting you get right back to riding. All you need to do is insert the device into the hole, pull back on the switch, and pump your tire up (all without ever removing your wheel from your bike). So forget about costly fixes and ruined days, and just ride.

  • Quadski XL

    The original Quadski was awesome, as it successfully combined a four-wheeler and a jetski, creating a sort of ultimate solo beach/lake/camping mobile, but it had one glaring problem: namely, it only supported a single rider. Enter the Quadski XL. Boasting a larger body and a 1300cc BMW engine, the XL is ready to let up to two people hit the trails and the water at speeds of up to 45 mph on either surface, making it that much more useful as a discreet aquatic/woodland hookup couple-friendly vehicle.

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