Best Made Cloth Extension Cords

Extension cords are a necessary evil — especially around the holidays — but no one said they had to be ugly. Most of them just are. Not these Best Made Cloth Extension Cords ($40), though. These eight-foot pulley-style cotton cords are woven in Massachusetts using three copper wires, each of which is stranded and left for dead covered in PVC insulation, then twisted together, padded, and braided with a cotton weave. Solid brass plug blades and rubber plugs round out the offering, which may have you looking for new reasons to string cords all over your house.

  • Black & Decker SureGrip Laser Level

    Hanging photos, artwork, shelves, and anything else on your wall while getting it perfectly straight and level can be hard — but it doesn't have to be. The Black & Decker SureGrip Laser Level ($30) makes it so by securing to your wall with a combination suction cup and silicone ring to eliminate marks, offering an integrated vial that changes from red to green when you've got it level, and a laser line that emanates from left or right, to ensure that everything on the wall is at the right height. The only way it could be easier is if it had an arm to reach out and hammer nails into the wall itself.

  • LED Lenser X21 Flashlight

    Sometimes you need more than a pedestrian flashlight — and the LED Lenser X21 Flashlight ($400) is definitely not pedestrian. Featuring seven ultra-bright, high-performance LED chips paired with terminator lenses, the X21 produces up to 1120 lumens of light — enough to put typical car headlights to shame — and can disperse it in a broad, circular beam, or in a tightly-focused stream that can reach up to 1500 feet. It goes without saying, but you probably don't want to be flashing this thing in your — or anyone else's — eyes.

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