Bevel Trimmer

The electric trimmer has been a staple of barbershops for decades. It hasn't changed much in all that time, either. The Bevel Trimmer takes this essential tool and updates it for modern times. It has a robust rechargeable battery that can run for over four hours at full power and holds a charge for up to 60 days, with an LED indicator to let you know it's running low. A novel Bevel Dial lets you adjust the blades quickly and without special tools, the blades themselves have a protective coating that repels oil and water, making them easier to clean and reducing irritation, and a hidden hook makes for easy storage. Carefully weighted, the trimmer's faceted body and soft touch finish ensure precise control, whether you're a professional barber or just touching up your boys' hair at home.

  • OneBlade Razor

    At a glance, the OneBlade Razor looks like a classic safety razor. Look closer, however, and you'll find a host of details that help it give an incredibly precise shave. The perfectly-weighted hollow handle is crafted from German stainless steel using metal injection molding technology, allowing them to be built at tolerances of just 0.05mm. It has a modern "floating" head, a hidden Teflon-coated spring to limit the amount of pressure you can apply, and uses high-quality blades made in Japan by Feather, resulting in an incredibly close, smooth shave while eliminating nicks and irritation. And when you're done, the included solid steel base holds it off the counter while highlighting its sleek, display-worthy design.

    Presented by OneBlade.

  • Just One Eye 24K Gold Manicure Set

    Nothing says DGAF quite like unkempt nails. Ensure yours stay in good shape in the classiest way possible with the Just One Eye 24K Gold Manicure Set. Unapologetically high-end, this multi-piece set is made from stainless steel, has 24K gold detailing, and comes with a brown leather carrying case that folds up for travel, making it easy to haul your files, scissors, tweezers, and trimmers.

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