Big Buck Hunter Safari

Big Buck Hunter Safari

If you can't get enough animal-hunting action at the local pub, bring the excitement home with Big Buck Hunter Safari ($4875). This all-new hunting adventure pits you against the wildlife of Africa, including lions, rhinos, elephants, panthers, and zebras. The game features new dual pump-action shotguns, four player head-to-head competition, over 400 authentic 3D hunting scenes, and 15 new bonus rounds. [via]

  • FPS Vest

    The simple force-feedback of your controller not real enough for you? The FPS Vest ($169) lets you take your first-person shooter experience to the next level with eight active zones that simulate the direction and forces of bullet fire, crushing explosions, and finger taps as they occur in the game. It comes with two PC games designed to show off the vest, letting you jump right into the action.
    [Thanks, Jeremy]

  • Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel

    Get ready for Gran Turismo on the Playstation 3 with the Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel ($150; May 2008). Co-developed by Logitech and Polyphony Digital, the wheel features powerful force feedback which simulates understeer, oversteer, and traction loss, an adjustment dial for on-the-fly control of brake bias, traction and damper settings, full-size gas and brake pedals, a sequential stick shift and wheel-mounted shifter paddles. Perfect for the new interior dash view.

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