BioLite KettleCharge

BioLite's line of gadget-charging stoves are great, but what if you don't need a stove — you just need power and some clean water? That's what the BioLite KettleCharge is for. This intelligent kettle is designed for use on any range — making it useful both indoors and out — and can boil up to 750 ml of water at a time, while sending up to 10W of power to the USB port, meaning you can charge even your most power-hungry gadgets (we're looking at you, iPad) as fast as you can with a wall outlet.

  • Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat

    Sailing is one of the most amazing things you can do on the water, but not everyone has the means to either keep a sailboat docked somewhere when it's not in use or haul it back and forth to the water. That's where the Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat. Billed as the very first high-performance sailing dinghy, it's 10.5 feet long, features a 56 sq.ft or 75 sq.ft sail, weighs just 111 lbs., and can accommodate two adults or one adult and two children. There's a also a pair of airtight compartments, but the bigger deal is the two included bags that it folds down into (in less than 20 minutes), making it a breeze to haul to and from the shoreline.

  • Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight

    In an emergency, one of the most valuable things you can have is a source of light. And these days, having a way to keep your electronics going is helpful, too. The Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight can handle both tasks. It features a powerful 70 lumen LED floodlight and a 180 lumen LED spotlight, red emergency lights, a power saving mode that can keep things running for up to 48 hours, and a 1.5A USB port for charging your gear. A 4,400mAh lithium battery provides the juice, and when it runs down, you can either stick it in the sun and charge via the integrated solar panel, or use the convenient hand crank. Either way, you're covered.

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