Bionic Wrench

Bionic Wrench

We readily admit to not buying a lot of tools here at Uncrate HQ — but when we do, we make sure they serve their purpose well. The Bionic Wrench ($30), a hybrid between a wrench and pliers, is one of our newest additions. It uses a patented design to grip bolts on all six flat sides, reducing the strain on the corners of the bolt and allowing the user to multiply their gripping force, making it easy to turn the hardest of bolts. It also won the Red Dot Award Best of the Best 2006 for pioneering design in a category (Tools), which tells us it's just as easy to use and efficient as it sounds.

  • Black & Decker Paintstick

    Anyone who has ever tried to paint with a roller knows the mess that can be made with trays full of paint. Luckily, Black & Decker is trying to put an end to this problem with the Paintstick ($TBD). The Paintstick holds the paint in the handle, keeping things neat, and the handle extends for painting in hard-to-reach areas. Now we just have to figure out what color will cover up this nasty institutional green in the bathroom.

  • Makita Autofeed Screwdriver

    You know how when you were little, guns that had Rambo-esque chainloading bullets were the coolest thing around? Well, now you can have one of your very own — sorta. The Makita Autofeed Screwdriver ($235) features adjustable screwing depths, can handle screws up to 2-1/4" long, and can fire off screws faster than a prohibition-era tommy gun.

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