Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner

Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner

Tired of messing with twistlocks, screwlocks, or, worse yet, no-lock carabiners? The Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner ($30) will soon be here to give you smooth, one-handed locking and unlocking action. This innovative design employs magnetic attraction to a steel insert inside the carabiner nose to keep two independent arms locked in place, each of which must be individually depressed before the gate can be opened — and once it is, opposing fields repel the arms to ensure reliable operation.

  • Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour

    While "backtrack" and "detour" aren't the most positive words to use when branding a product, the Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour ($100) succeeds anyway. This simple, clip-friendly GPS unit sports a rugged, weather-resistant body, grayscale LCD screen, an internal, rechargeable battery good for 48 hours of data logging, and lets you store up to five locations, with course taken, length in miles and yards, time, latitude, longitude, and other handy metrics to help you recall the exact location of your favorite camping spot, hiking trail, or buried treasure.

  • Necky Vector 13 Kayak

    Normally when buying a kayak, you have to settle with the maneuverability of a sit-in or the freedom of a sit-on-top. With the Necky Vector 13 Kayak ($900), you can have both. This 13-foot polyethylene craft features a touring seat with backband, a mesh storage pouch, a bottle holder, a quick seal bow hatch with a Cross Lock buckle system, a nylon tank well cover, and an optional rudder system for an extra $200.

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