Black Light Mini Golf

Black Light Mini Golf

If you're a recent Mega Millions winner, or just had a good year on Wall Street, there's no better way to celebrate than with your own Black Light Mini Golf Course ($90,000 - 9 holes; $140,000 - 18 holes). Choose from these themes: The Incredible Hulk, Search for Atlantis, Blackbeard's Revenge, Haunted Mansion, Lunar Landing, Space Wars, Area 51, Tombstone Haunted Ghost Town, and Titanic. The interactive sets are completely built on site (your basement), requiring at least 2,400 square feet for 9 holes and at least 4,000 for 18 holes.

  • Airboard Classic 130 Bodyboard

    Bring the fun and simplicity of a boogie board to the slopes with the Airboard Classic 130 Bodyboard ($280). Made from ultra-durable urethane-impregnated nylon, the Airboard inflates in less than 3 minutes using the included hand pump. Profile runners running the length of the bottom of the board provide control, while its six-pound weight makes it easy to pack up the hill. Just remember to watch your head.

  • Adams DiXX Putter

    Whether you've got a case of the yips or you just like new golf gadgetry, the Adams DiXX Putter ($400) is right up your alley. The unfortunately-named DiXX utilizes several technologies to analyze and track the five key factors of a putter swing — path, impact position, face angle, swing tempo, and speed balance — displaying information about your stroke on a head-mounted color LCD. When was the last time your putter told you why you missed that par-saving 3-footer?

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