Somewhere between a crossword puzzle and a choose your own adventure novel, you'll find Blackbar ($3) — a word game of censorship and storytelling. This game tells the story of a science fiction dystopian future through a series of redacted documents, where the story (and the game) gets more complex as you make your way through. As you fill in the blacked out words, the conspiracy behind the story becomes less opaque. And, while it doesn't bash you over the head with its views on the suppression of free speech, its message against censorship is certainly present.

  • Grid

    Organize all the thoughts in your untidy mind into tidy little spaces with Grid ($Free). Whether you're planning a trip, collaborating on a project with coworkers, or you just enjoy making order out of chaos, it helps you easily display a bunch of information in a way that just makes sense. It lets you create grids of related items, including text, maps, photos, and contacts, with intuitive touch gestures accompanied by minimal chrome. When you're done, you can share them with friends to work together, or just save them for your own reference.

  • Crowsflight

    Your smartphone makes for a valuable tool when exploring an unfamiliar city, but data chugging maps apps can really hog your battery, potentially leaving you stranded with a dead device. Crowsflight ($Free) uses the GPS capability on your iPhone to help guide you around town. With it, you can cue up a few destinations before you set out, save them in the app, and use the GPS-only compass to make sure you're headed in the right direction. A distance meter gives you realtime feedback on how far you have to go, so you always know when you're getting close.

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