Blackbird Rider Guitar

Blackbird Rider Guitar

Ditch the plastic controller for a real instrument, like this Blackbird Rider Acoustic Guitar ($1600). The carbon fiber unibody is 30 percent smaller than a traditional acoustic, making it more portable and keeping the weight down to 3 pounds. Other features like a stereo sound hole in the head, a hollow neck, and an optional DTAR Wavelength Load N' Lock pickup give the Rider the performance to back up its sleek looks.

  • Hercules 400 Laser

    Whether you want a beam powerful enough to melt through plastic, or just need something to light up the night sky, the Hercules 400 Laser ($3000) will get the job done. This handheld laser is capable of all sorts of laser-based mischief — like igniting fireworks fuses and matches, popping balloons, and more — all with a beam that can be seen miles away. It's kinda like a lightsaber, but skinnier, and with a longer reach.

  • Gibson Robot Guitar

    With the rate of technology adoption ever increasing, it's a wonder we haven't seen this already. The Gibson Robot Guitar ($TBA; Dec. 7) carries the tagline "All you have to do is play it." With a revolutionary mix of on-board processing, a data transmitting tailpiece, tune-control bridge, and Powerhead Locking Tuners, the guitar automatically stays in tune, and can move to an alternate tuning with the turn of a switch. So really, all you have to do is play. [Thanks, Zach]

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