Blomus Business Card Holder

Blomus Business Card Holder

A nice business card can leave a long-lasting impression — so make sure yours stay in great shape with the Blomus Business Card Holder ($18). Made from brushed stainless steel, this heavy-duty case holds 25 standard business cards, keeping them safe from scratches, dents, and other unappealing signs of wear. Because no one wants to be the guy with the dingy, beat up business cards.

  • Giant Gumball Machine

    We're not exactly sure what purpose it would serve beyond eventually rotting your teeth, but if you have a need for an amusement park-style vending machine, feast your eyes (and mouth) on the Giant Gumball Machine ($3,900). At seven feet tall, it will tower over most house guests — and you'd better be having a lot of people over to help you through the 14,450 gumballs (included!) it holds. Or better yet, charge a quarter a piece, and get close to earning your money back.

  • Fender 57 Champ Custom Amp

    Now you can get vintage tones to go along with your vintage axe from the Fender 57 Champ Custom Amp ($1,000). A hand-wired recreation of the 1957 Fender Champ used by legends such as Johnny Cash, Keith Richards, and Eric Clapton — on "Layla," no less — this low-output, easy-to-record amp offers vintage knobs and controls, an 8-inch Weber Special Design driver, two inputs, a finger-jointed, solid pine speaker cabinet, and super-retro lacquered tweed covering with oxblood grille cloth.

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