Blond Segment Camera

It's a damn shame that the Blond Segment Camera is just a concept, because we'd be proud to carry such a sleek gadget around. Using mirrorless technology, its compact rectangular form is given soft curves on the sides and around the top, save for the namesake segment that's been removed in order to both protect and give access to the controls. Around back is a touchscreen with intuitive, pro-level controls, and the design is finished off with real leather wrapping that provides extra grip and serves to connect the organic design to the boxy shooters of the past.

  • Virtual Table Tennis Trainer

    Ping pong is a game that's easy to pick up and highly difficult to master. The Virtual Table Tennis Trainer is a concept technology that aims to help you improve your game just by playing. Developed as a bachelor thesis by designer Thomas Mayer, it uses a pair of Playstation CL-eye cameras, a computer, and an HD projector to show stats and shot visualizations on the playing surface in real time. There are dashboards for each player that contain all kinds of performance data, but the real trick is the ball tracking, which lets it show not only where the ball has been, but where it should go next.

  • NASA QueSST Passenger Jet

    When the Concorde called it quits in 2003, it took with it the only supersonic travel option we had. An unlikely group is trying to build a new alternative. The NASA QueSST Passenger Jet is based on Quiet Supersonic Technology (hence the name), and would create a sound more like a heartbeat than the traditional, house-shaking boom we're accustomed to while still getting you from point A to point B with remarkable speed. There are no details yet on how many passengers the aircraft might hold, or how high it might fly, but we do know that a team comprised of specialists from Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, and Tri Models Inc. are working on it, and that they hope to start their initial flight campaign in 2020.

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