Blossom One Coffee Maker

Consider yourself a coffee geek? Then you should consider a Blossom One Coffee Maker ($TBA). Alongside the most complete temperature control ever put in a coffee brewer, the Blossom also lets you adjust everything from grind size to extraction time, allowing you to brew a cup to your taste. If that wasn't enough, it also features built-in Wi-Fi and a 1.3MP camera for scanning QR codes, letting you instantly download and share brewing recipes specific to the beans you have on hand. You might never stop at Starbucks again.

  • Starbucks Verismo

    Single-cup coffee makers are all the rage these days, but most of them have a hard time trying to recreate your coffee house favorites. Which is why they make the Starbucks Verismo ($200-$400). This new single-cup machine uses individual pods to brew espressos and coffees, and separate milk pods to create drinks like Caffe Lattes, all brewed to Starbucks standards thanks to Swiss-engineered high-pressure technology. It's kinda like having a Starbucks in your house, minus the Baristas.

  • Holdster Mason Jar Mug

    How do you improve on the awesome drinking utility of the mason jar? Give it a better-than-Starbucks wrapper and a handle. The Holdster Mason Jar Mug ($20) slips onto standard wide-mouth jars, cladding them in leather and keeping the heat — or cold — away from your hand. Available in cross-stitch or riveted styles, and with or without a looped leather handle, they're a great way to add a touch of class to this traditional vessel. Combine with a Cuppow to create the ultimate farmland-esque travel mug.

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