Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

Blue has been in the audio business a long time — but they're best known for capturing audio. Now they're jumping into the other side of the equation with Blue Mo-Fi Headphones. Designed to provide terrific audio quality from any device, they feature a built-in, high-powered audio amplifier, 50mm, fiber-reinforced dynamic drivers, a sealed over-ear design for maximum isolation, a multi-jointed, adjustable headband to keep the earcups parallel, a built-in rechargeable battery good for 12 hours of playtime and the ability to listen even after you run out of juice, and three all-analog performance modes to adapt the sound profile to your favorite genre.

  • Earin Wireless Earbuds

    Bluetooth is great for cutting the cables between your phone and your ears — but up 'til now, basically all BT earbuds have still had a cable running around the back of your head connecting the two tiny speakers. Earin Wireless Earbuds promise to do away with all of that. Billed as the world's smallest wireless earbuds, they're actually two tiny in-ear drivers that work together as a single headphone, delivering great sound thanks to balanced armature speakers, and coming complete with a sleek storage capsule that doubles as a charger.

  • Beats Solo2 Headphones

    Get all the style and sound of the classic Beats Studios in a smaller package with the new Beats Solo2 Headphones. Reengineered from the ground up, these new cans feature a more dynamic, wider range of sound than their predecessors, and now sport the same sleek design as their bigger brothers — including a flexible headband and curved frame for a custom fit feel, ergonomically angled earcups for comfortable all-day wear, and your choice of striking black, blue, gray, pink, red, or white colorways.

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