Bluelounge Cool Feet

Bluelounge Cool Feet

From the makers of the Cableyoyo comes one of the most simple ways we've yet seen to cool down your laptop. Cool Feet ($13) are a set of four "feet" for your laptop that attach either by suction or by a smooth adhesive pad, and raise it up to provide a more ergonomic typing position and better airflow, which results in a cooler laptop.

  • Asahi Beerbot

    If there's anything we like more than robots, it's beer-pouring robots. The Asahi Beerbot ($800) became an internet star when videos of it first appeared, and now you have the chance to own one yourself. The 'bot stores and refrigerates six cans — although it was designed for 350ml Japanese cans, it works with 355ml American cans just fine — and features a programmable voice, cleaning mode, and child lock. Beer. Pouring. Robot.

  • Socket Pocket

    Ever notice how power outlets close to tables end up overfilled with your recharging gadgets, while the outlets across the room lie dormant? Remedy the situation with the Socket Pocket ($12). These replacement outlet covers include a hinged pouch to hold your latest gadget near the outlet while it charges. Now even your most remote outlets can be put to good use. [Thanks, Mark]

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