BMW HoloActive Touch

It's not coming to any production model soon, but BMW HoloActive Touch isn't that far fetched as an in-car interface of the future. Using a series of reflections, it displays a full-color readout right in the middle of the cabin. A camera tracks your hand movements and fingertips, letting you to navigate menus and make selections, and pulses are emitted when you make a selection to provide a bit of tactile feedback. And while this all sounds well and good, BMW's putting it to the ultimate IRL test by brining it to the sweaty, cord-filled confines of CES next January.

  • Scrip Digital Wallet

    There's no doubt cash is quickly becoming a relic of the past. That also means that the triggers in our brain that fire when we have to fork over some green are staying dormant. The Scrip Digital Wallet is meant to bridge the two. This design concept has an LED screen at the top and surface that raises and lowers for different denominations as you flick them outward for use. As a result, you get the same enjoyment from giving and receiving money as you do with cash and the same awareness you get when spending it. No matter how convenient Apple Pay is, it can't do that.

  • Blond Segment Camera

    It's a damn shame that the Blond Segment Camera is just a concept, because we'd be proud to carry such a sleek gadget around. Using mirrorless technology, its compact rectangular form is given soft curves on the sides and around the top, save for the namesake segment that's been removed in order to both protect and give access to the controls. Around back is a touchscreen with intuitive, pro-level controls, and the design is finished off with real leather wrapping that provides extra grip and serves to connect the organic design to the boxy shooters of the past.

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