Boardwalk Photo Booth

Boardwalk Photo Booth

If you have enough money for this Boardwalk Photo Booth ($11,000), then you have enough "friends" to get some use out of it. A replica of the classics found in amusement parks, arcades, and boardwalks, this booth can capture and print a four-frame strip of pictures in 16 seconds. The booth uses a thermal printer and comes with two rolls of film that provide up to 3,200 pictures.

  • Key of Rock

    Whether you need a spare copy of an important key or are just tired of having the sorting through a bunch of similar keys to find the one you need, the Key of Rock (£15, ~$23) is here to help. This guitar-shaped blank comes ready for you to take to the key cutter, instantly jazzing up your keyring and making whatever key you choose to copy easier to find. Keychain amp not included.

  • Fuji Instax Camera

    Just because Polaroid is out of the game doesn't mean instant photography is dead. The Fuji Instax Camera ($130) is living proof, producing great-looking credit card-sized prints in mere minutes, and featuring an auto focus lens with built-in cover and automatic flash. Just check the LED exposure indicator, compose, and shoot!

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