Roof boxes are a necessary evil from time to time — so why not make sure they do something more for you than just carry your stuff? The Boatpack ($1,600) is an ingenious box that, as the name suggests, doubles as a boat. Crafted from Acrylic-capped ABS plastic, the 'pack is double-skinned, offers a capacity of 650 Liters, and can unclip from its base in seconds. As a boat, it weighs under 50 lbs., and includes a wooden seat, folding oars, and rowlocks. It's a great way to make your summer adventures a little more fun.

  • PG BlackBraid Bike

    If you're looking for a lightweight two-wheeled ride, the PG BlackBraid Bike ($TBA) should be on your list. Featuring an innovative full-carbon frame made from braided carbon fiber, it's available in two versions — the urban-commuter Fixie and the distance-ready Touring. It also offers a SLR Tekno saddle, Conti 4000s tires, and Speedplay Nanogram Zero pedals. No matter what model you choose, you'll be getting an all-black ride that's sure to turn heads, whether it's around the neighborhood or out on the road.

  • Wolf Helmet

    How could we not like a product whose feature list includes checkmarks for "badass" and "incites jealousy"? Better yet, both are actually true of the Wolf Helmet ($200). This DOT-certified helmet is what it says on the box, putting a somewhat creepy, somewhat funny, but totally mesmerizing realistic wolf head on top of yours. Not feeling the wolf, but have an idea for another animal head you'd rather wear when riding your motorcycle? They offer a custom service that will bring your vision to life for only $100 more. It gives the term "wolfpack" a whole new meaning.

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