Bolt Lightning Protective Tent

While being hit by lightning is a rarity, many who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in lightning's path are hikers and campers. The Bolt Lightning Protective Tent aims to protect those unlucky souls with three brand new concept tents. Each is made of ultralight materials so they can be put up in a hurry and don't weigh you down too much during transport. And it not only protects from direct strikes, but also from step voltage, a most common way people are injured by lightning.

  • Civilware x Uncrate Hatchet

    The team behind Civilware has one goal in mind when they're making something new — it should provide a "lifetime of service". They first proved that statement a year ago with the Striker Utility Knife, then followed it up with the pocket-ready Striker Folding Knife. So when we heard a hatchet was next on Civilware's list, we knew we had to jump onboard.

    Built to those same standards by a respected maker in El Salvador, the Civilware x Uncrate Hatchet, with our edition clad in an all-black colorway, has a drop-forged 1060 high carbon steel head that holds a sharp edge on one end and doubles as a hammer on the other. The well-balanced American Hickory handle is the perfect length for everything from splitting campfire wood to hammering in tent stakes or even protecting your beautiful beard and/or loved ones from predators in the wild. A leather cover keeps the hatchet nice and warm when you're not putting it to use. Ships free within 24 hours.

  • Survival Laces

    Sure, you can carry a separate firestarting kit when heading into the wilderness. But you're already wearing shoes, so why not just secure them with some Survival Laces instead? Available in a number of lengths, these replacement laces work for everything from footwear to hoodies, and hide a ferro rod, tinder, and fishing line inside their paracord exteriors. To access them, just remove the metal aglet on the end holding the tinder, start your fire, and pack the unused tinder away for your next fire.

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