Boltwell Survival Kits

Whether you're a former Boy Scout, survivalist, or Average Joe, you know the importance of being prepared for any possible scenario — and nothing prepares you for the worst quite like Boltwell Survival Kits. Starting with their B72 Foundation Kit (which includes enough for two to make it through a 72-hour emergency), you can add on materials to survive floods, earthquakes, power outages, tornadoes, and more. Or choose from a range of other survival kits including two weeks of meals, a car emergency kit, a pet kit, and a fire safety kit. No matter what, you can rest assured you'll be ready for anything short of an all-out zombie apocalypse.

  • Earth Cooler

    Forget ice — all you need to keep your beers cold this summer is a hole in the ground and the Earth Cooler. As the name suggests, this eco-friendly cooler is roughly 3.7 feet tall, with a top that raises up giving you access to your suds and a crank that makes for easy loading and access. It holds up to 24 standard-size beer cans, uses no electricity, and thanks to a sturdy insulated cover can be used year 'round — so whether it's the middle of summer or Super Bowl time, your beers will be ready.

  • Blastmatch Fire Starter

    Get a fire going no matter the conditions outside with a single flick of the Blastmatch Fire Starter. Designed for all weather use, this handy tool enables simple, one-handed operation by building the tungsten carbide striker right into the thumb button, and also features a spring-loaded flint bar that rotates to prevent uneven wear, a built-in cap, a weight of only 2.7 oz., and the ability to work with natural or wet fire tinder.

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