Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine

Take every step of the coffee preparation process into your own hands using the Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine ($300). This machine does it all — starting off by roasting green coffee beans straight from the farm, then grinding them to the exact consistency you prefer, and finally brewing the freshest pot of coffee you've ever enjoyed. The revolutionary machine is just one part of the service they offer. The other part is an online marketplace that lets coffee drinkers connect with farmers and buy beans directly, potentially changing everything we know about the coffee industry.

  • T-Fal OptiGrill

    Finally, an electric grill for the culinary impaired among us who wouldn't know how long to cook a chicken breast if it came with directions stamped into the meat. The T-Fal OptiGrill ($210) comes programmed already with the ideal time and temperature for a range of common grill items — everything from fish and steak to poultry and sandwiches — taking the guesswork out of indoor grilling. It features a cooking surface that's large enough to accommodate a meal for an entire family (or one really hungry guy), as well as non-stick removable grill plates, a floating hinge that lets you fit large cuts of meat, and a large drip tray that makes cleanup a breeze.

  • Finex Cast Iron Skillet

    If you're not lucky enough to have been passed down an antique cast iron skillet through the generations — seasoned by years of lovingly-prepared family meals — start your own cooking tradition with the Finex Cast Iron Skillet ($125). This is the cast iron skillet reinvented, with an eight-sided design that gives it six separate pouring points, making it much easier to handle. A coiled wire spring handle allows it to dissipate heat quicker, making it easier to hold and move. The interior is CNC machined, making it smoother than your grandma's skillet, so it's less prone to sticking and easier to wipe clean.

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