BoseBuild Speaker Cube

More than just a Bluetooth box, the BoseBuild Speaker Cube is a chance to get your child interested in electronics. The kit includes everything you need to build the speaker, with rugged components designed with kids in mind and app-based instructions. Along the way, your child will learn about concepts ranging from magnets and electromagnets to how sound works, and when finished will end up with a high-quality speaker they can take pride in having built themselves.

  • Ixoost Esavox Lamborghini Speaker System

    You might not be able to drive a Lambo everyday, but you can appreciate their design on a regular basis with the Ixoost Esavox Lamborghini Speaker System. Crafted from a carbon monocoque chassis, two hand-made wooden side cabinets, and an original Lamborghini exhaust, it outputs sound as loud and detailed as one of the Italian sports cars. It has 800 wats of total power spread across two 1-inch tweeters, two 6.5-inch full-range drivers, two 8" woofers, and a massive 15-inch downward-facing sub. Powered on with a start button like the ones used in the cars, it accepts audio over Bluetooth or RCA inputs and is available in four exclusive colors.

  • Wrensilva Standard One Stereo Console

    Like the Model One before it, the Wrensilva Standard One Stereo Console packs modern hi-fi components inside a classic design. Within its handcrafted wooden frame, you'll find a custom integrated 300 WPC Amp hooked to a pair of custom 8 inch 2-way speakers on end and a fully decoupled belt driven turntable with phono preamp on the other. Bluetooth is built in, extra inputs are available inside the cabinet for adding other audio sources, and the built-in vinyl storage pockets let you keep your favorites handy, while the magnetic grilles let you decide whether to expose the speakers or kid them hid.

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