Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio HD

Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio HD

HD Radio may or may not be one of the next big technologies, but you can at least try it out for yourself with this stylish Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio HD ($300). A tabletop design offers up rich FM sounds which border closer to CD quality, as well as coming with a satellite speaker for stereo sound. You can even connect an iPod via an input jack while also waking up to dual independent wake-up alarms as the text of HD Radio music playing streams across the LCD screen.

  • BauXar Marty101 MartyWear Speakers

    We're a mixed lot on speakers — some of us love to have big, powerful speakers hooked up to our work computers, while the rest listen more in their car than in their home. Whatever our differences, we all decided these were badass. The BauXar Marty101 MartyWear Speakers ($400) are absolutely gorgeous, with a built-in amplifier to power the 360-degree sound coming from the mini-plug audio-in. Wood grain on speakers this cool? We're in.

  • Slim Devices Transporter

    We've been fans of Slim Devices' Squeezebox for quite some time, so we were thrilled to hear about their new entry into the audiophile world. The Slim Devices Transporter ($2000) features everything a high-end listener could ask for in a digital box. It has an entire set of professional inputs and outputs, an AK4396 "Miracle DAC" that features low out-of-band noise and excellent accuracy at high frequencies, and "bit perfect" digital path that provides the most accurate and complete signals available. Plus, it looks great — something that's a must if you're planning on this baby sitting next to that new 60" you just bought.

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