Bottle Blaster

Bottle Blaster

Finally, we've done it — we've perfected yet another way to get ourselves drunk faster. The Bottle Blaster ($15) uses an air intake to force more beer down your gullet faster than you ever thought possible. Available in both original and ninja — black — it is sure to add some excitement to your next party.

  • NASCAR Nextel FanView

    NASCAR is about to begin its 2006 season, and they’ve got a new gadget for fans to play with as well. The NASCAR Nextel FanView (rental only) brings fans that come to the race a new experience, offering in-car video for up to seven drivers, the race telecast, direct driver-to-team radio feeds, the radio broadcast and an exclusive audio-replay feature. While all this stock car geekery comes at a price — $50 a day or $70 a race weekend — it sure beats sharing a regular scanner with a slightly smelly, shirtless guy named “Leroy.” [via]

  • Suede Lead Pencil Set

    It you're the type who enjoys sketching, you should really check out this Suede Lead Pencil Set ($30). The suede holder contains eight pencils of differing grades and a spiral bound pad of high-quality sketch paper. The front of the carrier also features a window so you can show off your favorite drawing.

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