Bottle Cap Lures

Bottle Cap Lures

Even though you might not be a seasoned angler, you can still appreciate these unique Bottle Cap Lures ($35/6-pack). They're made from recycled beer and soda bottle caps and can be used to snag everything from bass, crappie, and perch, to trout, salmon, walleye, and whitefish. And even if you don't catch at thing, you'll still score originality points with your father-in-law when you whip one of these out during your next fishing trip.

  • Alpine Blackbird

    There are plenty of portable navigation systems out there to choose from, but only one has Alpine's pedigree of GPS and music experience. The Alpine PMD-B100 Blackbird ($700) is a portable, handheld GPS system that comes with preloaded maps of the US and features a 3.6" touchscreen, a built-in antenna, and MP3 playback from the unit's SD slot. The perfect addition to any older car in which the closest thing to these features is a dash-mounted compass and a cassette player.

  • Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike

    Leave it to Mercedes-Benz to create the most bad-ass racing bike on the planet. The highlight of the company's 2006 Bike Collection, the Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike ($3,670) has an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame that helps keep the overall weight down to 18 pounds. The bike, targeted at both amateurs and professional cyclists, has an impressive bounty of high-tech components from Shimano, including the drive system, gears, brakes, and aerodynamic wheels. The Carbon Bike will only be produced as a limited edition of 199 units, so if you want one you better act fast.

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