Bottomless Joystick

Joysticks are a natural control for VR interfaces — problem being, they mostly only work on desks. The Bottomless Joystick overcomes this limitation by attaching the stick to a counterweight. Connected by a gimbal, the counterweight stays planted downward no matter the angle of the stick. It comes from the Smart Systems Institute at the University of Singapore, who also added two servo motors to replicate various force feedbacks and allow for the adjustment of resistance to better replicate real-world experiences.

  • Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

    With oversized wheels and a set of rubber tracks, the Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair can overcome obstacles traditional chairs can't even attempt. It uses self-balancing technology to tackle curbs, stairs, and other obstacles, including spiral stairs. The tracks and smaller wheels can also work together to raise the seat up, allowing for more natural interaction with others, and the user can control the chair with the joystick or simple shifts in body weight. It's currently a prototype, and the company has a Patreon setup for those who want to support its development.

  • Orion Cycling Navigation

    Knowing the route to your destination isn't the only way to help improve your urban cycling experience. Orion Cycling Navigation would help you maximize your efficiency by giving you info on traffic lights as well. Created by designer Clement Dauchy, it displays the direction on a LED ring placed on the outer portion of the disc-like computer, while the inner color e-paper display gives you details like the distance to the next stop light, and how long you have before it changes. As a result, you can time your ride to hit only green lights, limiting your stops and getting you from place to place as quickly as possible.

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