Bowers & Wilkins 805 Maserati Edition Speakers

The product of British pro-speaker maker Bowers & Wilkins and Italian super-car builder Maserati, the 805 Maserati Edition Speakers ($TBA), are set to please audiophiles and motorsports enthusiasts alike. The first of the series, a loudspeaker, looks great in maple veneer and black Maserati leather, set on a stand adorned with the unmistakable Maserati Trident logo. But, they're not just easy on the eyes — the audio tech is recording-studio quality, and will suit your living room just fine. Look for them in specialty speaker stores this Fall.

  • Tailor Loudspeakers

    Speakers don't have to be something you hide away. These Tailor Loudspeakers (£2,000; roughly $3,000) are designed to displayed proudly. Standing just a hair over three feet tall, these handsome speakers are built from English Walnut, and feature a balanced, natural sound with fast bass and a frequency response of 40Hz ~ 20Khz. But what really sets them apart is the front, which is upholstered in fabrics from Maharam suppliers to Paul Smith, giving them a unique look that you'll want to make part of your living area. Should looks not be of importance to you, you can still grab a pair with a plain black front for a few hundred pounds less.

  • The Vamp

    Have an unused speaker laying around? Put it back to good use with The Vamp (£35; roughly $55). This diminutive cube-shaped box gives your aging gear new life by providing a Bluetooth link to your phone or tablet and a 4 Watt single-channel amplifier that can drive even large speakers with surprising gusto. The whole thing is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for over ten hours, and can connect with speakers that boast on-board terminals or a plain ol' wire coming out the back. Shipping in June in white, red, or black.

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