Boxee Live TV

Boxee Live TV

For anyone thinking of cutting the cord with their cable company, losing out on live broadcasts is often the number one thing holding them back. Boxee Live TV ($50) aims to bridge this gap by connecting the Boxee Box to an HDTV antenna or unencrypted cable connection, giving you access to local broadcast stations, and replacing the typical, boring guide with a friendly show-finding interface that lets you receive recommendations from friends, and even remove channels that you never watch.

  • TiVo Premiere Elite

    Recording two shows at once? That's so 2008. The TiVo Premiere Elite ($TBA) blows past this limitation by integrating multiple digital tuners and a two terabyte hard drive, letting you record up to four shows at once and save up to 300 hours of HD programming — for those that weren't counting, that's nearly two weeks of eyeball-rotting goodness. Other features include THX certification for optimal sound and video quality, TiVo's legendarily elegant interface, and integrated Internet entertainment like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube. You'll be able to pick it up this fall, so to avoid confrontation, you might want to break the news to your current cable box now.

  • Sony 3D Head Mounted Display

    Remember back in the '80s, when pundits predicted that in the future, we'd enjoy our entertainment via holographic 3D displays that we wore like sunglasses? You do? Good, because that damn near explains the Sony 3D Head Mounted Display ($TBA). It uses twin HD OLED displays to provide you with an immersive visual experience, while the integrated virtual 5.1 surround sound does the same for your ears, and since it connects via HDMI, you can hook up anything from a PS3 to an iPad, sit back, and enjoy.

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