Brake Free Helmet Light

The brake lights on your motorcycle work okay. But they're mounted low on your bike and don't account for different types of braking. The Brake Free Helmet Light mounts a smart brake light on the back of your helmet, increasing both visibility and functionality. It uses a gyroscope to detect when you're slowing down, responding accordingly to engine braking, regular braking, and emergency braking, the latter of which triggers a special light pattern. It attaches to nearly any helmet using a magnetic mount, offers over eight hours of battery life, and uses 100 LED lights to make sure it's visible day or night. It's also weather resistant, and since it stays lit at all times — only becoming brighter when braking — it makes you more visible to other motorists whether you're braking or not.

  • Pure Cycles Volta Electric Bike

    The future of urban commuting is here in the form of the Volta Electric Bike from Pure Cycles. The Volta takes the inconvenience and extra effort out of bike riding, without compromising what makes pedaling to work or for fun so special. It features a 40-mile range on a single charge, a battery that fits stealthily into the top tube, and a motor that fits into the rear hub — so it still looks and rides like a bike. It even has built-in GPS with 24-hour tracking just in case someone decides to take it for a joyride without your permission. The Volta allows riders to enjoy easy, power-assisted riding for effortless errands, carbon-free commutes, and sprinting across town without breaking a sweat.

    Presented by Pure Cycles.

  • Scrooser

    Part bike, part moped, the Scrooser is more than a frame and fat tires. It uses a battery-powered motor to augment your muscle power, letting you hit speeds up to 15.5 mph while constantly analyzing your movements and adjusting accordingly. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure you can stop safely, LED lights keep you visible in traffic, and a display in the middle of the metal handlebars keeps you abreast of battery levels, your speed, and driving mode. Made in Germany, it's available in multiple power levels, road legal and non-road legal versions, and in a multitude of colors, each developed to highlight the strikingly minimal design.

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