Braun ET66 Calculator

Some consumer products leave a lasting mark on the design world, inspiring others to innovate (and in many cases imitate) for generations — a disproportionate number of those things came from Braun, and in particular, industrial designer Dieter Rams. The Braun ET66 Calculator ($50), though an incredibly simple device, is an often-copied piece of industrial design. Go ahead, grab your iPhone and open up the calculator app — it ought to look pretty familiar. While there are plenty of calculators (and apps) out there with more robust functionality, there are none as iconic.

  • Baron Fig Notebook

    Writers, artists, designers, musicians, and other creative sorts know the importance of a great notebook (and no we aren't talking about your laptop) as a place to catalog your ideas and inspirations. But, it can be really tough to find one that suits you perfectly — until the Baron Fig Notebook ($20). Designed with creativity in mind, these notebooks open flat and are available with blank, lined, and grid pages depending on your preferred style. They're also thick, with nearly 200 pages, so you can write as much as you like. Perforated pages in the back of these notebooks let you pull out a sheet without ruining the binding, and their small size means you can easily take them with you.

  • iPhone Paperback Notes

    With iPhone Paperback Notes ($8), you can take notes on the back of something you always have with you, your phone. Of course your phone already has a notepad app, but there's something to be said about actually hand-writing a list. Each paper note has removable adhesive on its back, letting you stick it to the back of your phone, refrigerator, computer monitor, or other surface. Grab a stack of notes and keep them with your phone, or just stick one on the back for your to-do list or grocery list.

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