There are tons of apps to keep track of your running — but what if you're more of a walker than a runner? If that's the case, Breeze should suit you just fine. Made by the fine folks at RunKeeper, this new app uses the M7 motion coprocessor inside your iPhone 5s to keep track of your activity throughout the day, giving you personalized goals and reminders to help you be more active, as well as gorgeous visuals that allow you track track your progress day-by-day or over time. It's also free, so there's really no excuse not to give it a try.

  • Driving Curve

    We could tell you that Driving Curve is like Nike+ for driving, but as it turns out, the developers already did that for us. So instead, we'll tell you that this free app uses GPS to capture your speed and evaluates your performance based on how much it varies. And just like Nike+, it also gives you a score based on how you do, doles out achievements when you hit certain goals, and lets you share and compare results with both friends and other drivers from around the world. So, basically, the biggest difference is you don't have to stick a sensor into a hole in your tires for it to work.

  • Secret

    We all have gossip, stories, or just interesting insights that we'd love to share with the world. The problem is, you post stuff like that on Twitter or Facebook and everyone knows where it came from. Enter Secret. This ingenious app uses your contacts list to create a secret underworld of social networking, letting you share your thoughts and feelings anonymously, and letting others share them with their contacts. It's like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, only with way more intrigue and way less Footloose.

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