Brembo Helmets

Brembo Helmets

We're not sure exactly what designing brakes has to do with designing helmets — beyond safety — but that hasn't stopped Brembo from bringing their high-performance chops to the world of headgear. Brembo Helmets ($TBA) come in two models — the chin-covering B-Tech and the open-chinned B-Jet — both of which offer features like the Automatic Fit Belt fastening system, a visor with added space and a wider visual angle for added safety, and a skin-friendly strap that won't leave the underside of your chin looking like it had an encounter with an angry Brillo pad.

  • Gray Design Sovereign Yacht

    Like a Frank Gehry building on water, the Gray Design Sovereign Yacht ($135 million+) embraces flowing, metallic forms for an unmistakable silhouette that will set you apart from all the other superyacht owners at the port. In all seriousness, though, this is a serious watercraft, featuring a wind turbine in the mast and solar panels on the roof to run the lighting systems and stock up reserve power supplies, a retractable cover on the bow that can serve as a sun shade for the jacuzzi, an infinity pool with a reinforced glass helipad in the center, a beach club on the lower deck, three MTU engines to hit speeds of up to 30 knots, and even an optional custom-built limo that's stored in the on-board garage. Here, let's get that drool off your chin.

  • Sealander

    Who cares if your camper rolls down the hill and into the lake — you've got the Sealander (€15,000; roughly $20,500). This unique tow-behind solves the question of whether to bring the boat or the camper by functioning as both, thanks to a low-emission electric outboard motor, a fully-equipped interior with a cooking/washing module, a cooler, a heater, and seating that converts into a bed, all packed inside a watertight package that's sure to draw confused looks at the local boat dock.

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