Breville Radio Toaster

Breville Radio Toaster

We're big fans of multi-functional gadgets — but we were still a bit surprised when we stumbled across the Breville Radio Toaster (£50; roughly $80). Sporting a slightly retro design with a chrome and glossy black finish, the Radio Toaster also boasts two slots, variable browning control, reheat and defrost settings, an AM/FM tuner with 10 station presets, an integrated antenna, and an auxiliary input, making it quite possibly the world's first iPad-compatible toaster.

  • Hand-Forged Cleaver

    You can drop loads of money on a high-end cleaver from a dedicated cooking store, but you'll be hard pressed to beat the performance and toughness of this Hand-Forged Cleaver ($80). Handmade from forged, hardened, and triple-tempered recycled high carbon steel, it features a hard, sharp convex cutting edge, a red oak handle with copper rivets, and a handmade leather sheath with a forged copper snap.

  • Mywell Filtering Faucet

    Tired of doing the filtered pitcher routine, or causing undue damage to the planet by drinking water bottled on another continent? Behold the Mywell Filtering Faucet (€400; roughly $570). Using a multistage filtering system built into the faucet, it uses a carbon black to remove bacteria, odors, and bad tastes, an activated carbon block with KDF to reduce heavy metals, radioactive iodine, and other contaminants, and a mineral stage to return the water to its natural state and pH. In addition, it has an Advanced Smart Controller to tell you when the filter is ready to replace, which is a lot better than the indicator on the tops of most water pitchers, which goes by another name: a timer.

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