Brewmeister Snake Venom Beer

Back in 2013, Brewmeister Snake Venom Beer officially became the strongest beer in the world. After the beer is fermented, ethanol is added to get it up to its full strength of 67.5% ABV. And of course, with that much weight involved there's no carbonation, and the folks at Brewmeister felt obligated to include a warning on the yellow neck tag which recommends you don't consume more than a couple of ounces per sitting. Unavailable for some time, it's back again, but you can only buy one bottle per order, which hopefully encourages you to share it with a few friends.

  • Funky Buddha Mexican Coffee Stout

    The taste experts at Funky Buddha are at it again with their latest release. Funky Buddha Mexican Coffee Imperial Stout starts out as a bold imperial stout brewed with oats, lactose, and roasted malts. It's then blended with coffee, cinnamon, and then aged in Jose Cuervo Tradicional 100% Agave Reposado Tequila barrels. The inspiration for this beer was to be as close to a classic Cafe Mexicano as possible, with the time spent in the Cuervo barrels providing the extra touch to achieve what promises to be another gem for the Florida brewery. It's bottled at 11.3% and will be available later this month in limited quantities.

  • Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner Beer

    Founded in 1878 and still owned and operated by the founding family, Ayinger Brewery has a global reputation for quality brewing. Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner has been brewed for years in Germany and is making its way to the U.S. for the first time. Available just in time for spring, it's brewed using the best quality German barley, along with noble hops from Hallertau. The final product is a clear, crisp, golden color with incredible balance and a bitter finish that dissipates quickly. Faithful to the style first brewed by a Bavarian master brewer in the town of Pilsen, this new arrival is guaranteed to be a big hit with pilsner fans from coast to coast.

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