If you care about coffee — and we mean really care about coffee, enough to never use a traditional coffee maker again — then you should care enough to keep track of how you're brewing. Brewseful makes it easy. Sporting a super simple, clean interface, this slick iPhone app lets you keep track of brewing times, grinds, water to ground ratios, and the methods you used for each individual type of bean and roast.

  • Artifact Uprising

    Creating photo books is a great way to make something tangible out of all those digital photos you take, but the problem is finding time to sit at your computer and make one. With Artifact Uprising that's not a problem, because you handle the process directly on your phone. From the well-designed app, you can choose the type of product you want — they offer prints as well as books — decide whether you want to pull photos from just Instagram or from multiple sources, choose your cover photo, and layout and order your book. All without leaving your chair.

  • Driving Curve

    We could tell you that Driving Curve is like Nike+ for driving, but as it turns out, the developers already did that for us. So instead, we'll tell you that this free app uses GPS to capture your speed and evaluates your performance based on how much it varies. And just like Nike+, it also gives you a score based on how you do, doles out achievements when you hit certain goals, and lets you share and compare results with both friends and other drivers from around the world. So, basically, the biggest difference is you don't have to stick a sensor into a hole in your tires for it to work.

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