Bridgestone Air Free Bicycle Tire

Bridgestone's been working on air-free car tires for a few years, and now they're bringing the technology to the world of cycling with the Bridgestone Air Free Bicycle Tire. This concept tire uses a series of inner spokes to eliminate the need for inflation. In addition to providing a comfortable ride, the mixture of resins used for the spokes and outer rubbers represent a more efficient use of resources. The tire is currently in testing and could be on the market by 2019.

  • Vard 1-08 Kilkea Superyacht

    With an ice-classed hull and ability to travel for 30 days without stopping for fuel or supplies, the Vard 1-08 Kilkea Superyacht is meant to be a true globe-explorer. Measuring in at over 250 feet, it has ample deck space, with room for a pool, glass-enclosed dining area, and helipad, while inside it has 18 cabins with enough space for up to 36 passengers. A total of four electric generators and four diesel engines drive two propellers, giving the giant vessel a cruising speed of 12 knots and a top speed of 15.4 knots. Space to stow tenders, smaller water vehicles, and even small planes ensure you can make the final leg with ease.

  • Pure Cycles Volta Electric Bike

    The future of urban commuting is here in the form of the Volta Electric Bike from Pure Cycles. The Volta takes the inconvenience and extra effort out of bike riding, without compromising what makes pedaling to work or for fun so special. It features a 40-mile range on a single charge, a battery that fits stealthily into the top tube, and a motor that fits into the rear hub — so it still looks and rides like a bike. It even has built-in GPS with 24-hour tracking just in case someone decides to take it for a joyride without your permission. The Volta allows riders to enjoy easy, power-assisted riding for effortless errands, carbon-free commutes, and sprinting across town without breaking a sweat.

    Presented by Pure Cycles.

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