Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit

Brew up a tasty shot of coffee anywhere you go with the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit. This all-in-one package includes everything you need (except coffee), including a butane-powered quad jet torch, the brewer with patent-pending inner cone and integrated straw, thermometer, a copper cooling stand, a stainless-steel filter, and a test tube-like canister for your grinds. To use it, add coffee and water to the brewer, heat the mixture to at least 185 degrees, let it cool to your preferred temperature, and sip. The suction automatically extracts an ideal shot from the brewer, providing barista-quality results miles away from the nearest cafe.

  • Icemule Boss Backpack Cooler

    Sturdy, structured, and insulated enough to earn a multi-day ice retention rating, the Icemule Boss backpack is the answer to your backcountry cooling needs. Rather than dragging a similarly-sized cooler across whatever terrain you're on, or attempting to roll it along a sandy beach, you can sling this cooler onto your back and let the engineered straps and padding take over. The Boss features a wide-mouth opening for easy packing and unpacking, a waterproof outer layer, organizational pockets inside, and plenty of straps and clips on the outside so it can be tied down wherever you need it.

  • MSR Trailshot Water Filter

    Tiny enough to fit in your pocket, important enough to save your life. So goes the spiel for the MSR Trailshot Water Filter. This highly portable implement filters out 99.9% of protozoa and bacteria, and can handle up to one liter every minute. It also lets you drink directly from streams and lakes — no bottle required — and lasts up to 2,000 liters, or more than enough to keep you alive for a couple of years, at least.

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