Brodmann Blades

Brodmann Blades

Like real metal drivers did in golf, the Brodmann Blades ($100) are set to turn the world of table tennis on its ear. By moving the front and back of the paddle away from each other and removing the grip altogether, the Blades are able to offer a glove-like fit, and promise a faster and more intuitive game, more spin on the ball, and superior control. They come in a set of two, along with four logo-adorned balls, terrycloth wristbands, and a zip-up carrying case.

  • Remote Control Bowling Ball

    Throw a perfect strike every time with a Remote Control Bowling Ball ($1,500). Available in a totally inconspicuous translucent green with lights that flash when the directional mechanism moves back and forth, this 14-pound technical wonder is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, and inlcudes a hand-held remote unit for discrete control. While it might be a little hard to actually cheat with, it's no doubt perfect for fooling — and frustrating — your drunk buddies during a heated match on your residential bowling lane. [Thanks, Chuck]

  • Knox Handroid Gloves

    Despite the name, these aren't some crazy Andriod-based Power Glove replacements — in fact, they're about the farthest thing from it. Knox Handroid Gloves ($TBA; March 2010) are designed to protect your pinchers when riding dirt bikes, ATVs, or other high-speed, minimal-protection vehicles. They accomplish this by offering exoskeleton protection, a system for stopping scaphoid injuries to the bone connecting the thumb to the wrist, honeycomb gel impact protection, wrist guard shrouds, and a BOA lacing system. [Thanks, Eric]

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