Brooks England X Levi's Denim Saddle

Your bike is only as good as the seat you sit on. Make it a good one with the Brooks England X Levi's Commuter Cambium C17 Denim Saddle. Made using recycled Levi's denim gathered from the company's Commuter Workspaces in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and London, the saddle is built using the same vulcanisation techniques as the original C17, meaning it's just as comfortable, waterproof, and long-lasting. Limited to just 1,000 pieces, and available exclusively online, and at Brooks' flagship B1866 store in London.

  • Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II Personal Submarine

    Explore the seas like never before in the Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II Personal Submarine. Designed around the pilot, this two-person submersible is powered by a highly-efficient brushless DC truster and a redundant lithium-iron-phosphate battery system, giving it a cruising speed of 2-6 knots. Thanks to a form-fitted composite structure, it can dive down to depths of over 100 meters, and it also offers a fly-by-wire flight control system, adjustable carbon fiber seats, an integrated heads-up display with an artificial horizon, and a positively buoyant design that will always bring you back to the surface.

  • Cirrus Vision SF50 Personal Jet

    Described by the company as falling somewhere between single piston and Very Light Jets, the Cirrus Vision SF50 Personal Jet is one of the easiest ways to start jetting. Powered by a Williams FJ33 engine, the SF50 is simple to fly, and offers features like an advanced avionics system powered by Garmin, Sirius XM radio, reclining crew and passenger seats, configuration options that give you room for up to seven people (including the pilot), and, most importantly for the risk-averse, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) that can bring the craft safely back to the ground in the event of an emergency or mechanical failure.

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