Bruno Trash Can Vacuum

Nearly every kitchen has a broom and dustpan. And nearly all of them are ineffective — no matter how diligently you try and transfer your pile of crud to the trash, some inevitably escapes and remains on the floor. The Bruno Trash Can Vacuum aims to fix that by integrating a vacuum system into its bottom, letting you sweep your crumbs, pet hairs, and other detritus right up to the can, where they get sucked away and deposited into the bag. It also offers a built-in filter, a hands-free lid, and Wi-Fi for one-tap ordering of bags when you're running low, and automatic reminders to empty it when trash day arrives.

  • Poppy Pour-Over Coffee Machine

    Artisanal coffee doesn't have to be a lot of work. The Poppy Pour-Over Coffee Machine makes it as simple as a normal coffee maker. It features a built-in hopper that holds 1.25 pounds of beans, and a built-in burr grinder so you can wait to grind until you're ready, ensuring maximum freshness. A 50 oz. water reservoir lets you make up to four servings without refilling, a charcoal filter cleans your water, and best of all, you can adjust the machine's settings right from the Wink app, saving your favorites and sharing them too. And when it's time to order beans and filters, the machine can take care of that, too, with Amazon delivering more before you even need them.

  • Pancake Bot

    Making pancakes isn't hard. Making pancakes in intricate designs is virtually impossible, unless you're a culinary master — or have a Pancake Bot in your kitchen. This entertaining gadget uses a proprietary batter dispensing system to "print" batter directly onto the included griddle, relying on a combination of compressed air and a vacuum to keep things under control. All you need to do is use the included software to trace any image on your computer, load the design onto an SD card, pop it in the machine, fill it with batter, and watch as it creates an edible masterpiece.

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