Brunton Epoch Binoculars

Brunton Epoch Binoculars

You know when you were a kid and your dad would pull out that sweet pair of binoculars a couple times a year? No matter how desperately you wanted to use them, they were off limits. Yeah, well, you've got a credit card now. Suck it, old man. Our top pick for optics are the Brunton Epoch Full Size Binoculars ($1,276). These rugged and waterproof binoculars feature a magnesium alloy frame, every protective coating imaginable, and Brunton's Variable Speed Focus System, which makes them the fastest focusing binoculars we've tried.

  • Peak Sled

    Traverse the hillside in style this winter on the Peak Sled ($300). Crafted from ash wood, this modern German-made sled is designed for both performance on the slopes and for display back at the lodge. Other features include brown polypropylene seat webbing, metal runners, and a wood handle on the tow rope for added mobility after the ride. Not recommended for use with any non-caloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant.

  • Eton Voice Link Radio

    Getting stranded somewhere is never pleasant, but with the Eton Voice Link Radio ($150), you'll at least have some piece of mind. The compact voice link AM/FM radio offers two-way talk via any Family Radio Service-enabled device, receives both General Mobile Radio Service transmissions and weather advisories from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and features a bright LED flashlight, cell phone charger, a siren, a digital clock, and a hand-crank charger. See? Peace of mind.

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