Brunton Power Knife

Traditional handymen never leave home without a trusty, multi-tool pocket knife. Modern day digital handymen don't leave home without the Brunton Power Knife. Measuring just four and a half inches long and weighing just over half a pound, this clever gadget features fold-out connectors for Apple Lightning and 30-pin as well as Micro USB ports, with a standard USB plug on the opposite end. It ensures that no matter what you encounter, you'll be able to keep your gear charged up.

  • Self-Destructing SecureDrives

    If you're serious about protecting your data — so serious that you'd destroy your storage just to keep it from falling into the wrong hands — then A) you're probably a spy and B) you need these Self-Destructing SecureDrives. These speedy SSDs are self-encrypting and boast a number of self-destruct triggers that will destroy the NAND flash chips. Triggers include if the drive is disconnected from the SATAII interface, if its internal battery level falls too low, if it's away from a GSM signal for a pre-determined amount of time, if it feels the tap signature you've set up, or if it receives a specific SMS message, the latter allowing you to destroy it from anywhere you can find cell service — no more chasing the guy with the briefcase onto the roof of a moving train.

  • Notion Intelligent Home Sensor

    The home security system remains helpful, but has some severe limitations, especially in the current technology driven culture. Notion Intelligent Home Sensor is a true home intelligence system — packing 8 powerful capacities into one small, simple sensor that blends in with its surroundings. Know when you have a water leak, when the kids get home from school, if someone breaks into the liquor cabinet, or if a light has been left on longer than it should be. Each sensor is connected centrally to the Notion hub and monitored from a smartphone, keeping important tabs on your home when you can't.

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