Buck Knives Stowaway Kit

For all of you who've arrived at your destination only to discover you forgot the knife or the cutting board, we bring you the Buck Knives Stowaway Kit ($60). This smart set includes a spreader with a roughly five-inch serrated steel blade that works great for slicing, chopping, or spreading, as well as a dishwasher-safe, eco-friendly 6" x 10" paper stone cutting board. What makes the set unique, however, is the recess in the bottom of the board that's custom-designed to fit the included knife, and the magnet that holds it in place. Now all you have to do is make sure you don't forget the whole damn thing.

  • Portland Press

    The Mason jar: an iconic drinking vessel in much of the South, and at the very least a reliable form of food storage everywhere else. Now the Portland Press ($100) is here to turn the Mason jar into something else: a French Press. Made in Oregon from US-sourced materials, the Press includes a 24-oz. Mason jar, a wooden lid and handle, metal and plastic interior components, a custom grey felt cozy, and a lifetime warranty. We must admit — the cozy's are quite handsome, so much so that we'd consider ponying up the extra $50 to score two 12-oz. versions for use on our normal Mason jars.

  • HG One Grinder

    Can your grinder really make that big of a difference in the quality of your coffee or espresso? Ask an owner of the HG One Grinder ($900), and they'll likely tell you "Yes." Designed to rival the quality of a commercial grinder in a hand-powered, household-friendly format, it features conical burr grinders that transform whole beans into an elegantly balanced blend of large and fine granules. And thanks to precise engineering, it should outlast your coffee maker for sure, and possibly even you.

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