Buck Travel Mate

When you find yourself constantly moving around — whether you're camping, backpacking, or just out on the road for long stretches of time — you know how important it is to eat right no matter what. But without proper tools, you often find yourself ill-equipped to whip up a proper meal. But if you have the Buck Travel Mate in your bag, you'll never find yourself lacking the necessary gadgets to get things done (and you won't waste precious space on bulky tools). At once a knife, fork, spatula, scraper, can and bottle opener, a screwdriver, and even a grill scraper — it's all the tool you'll ever need to prepare a meal, in one portable unit.

  • Smokestack Firepit

    Most firepits are short, gather 'round affairs — so if you're looking for something a bit more striking and directional, the Smokestack Firepit should do the trick. Designed by Frederik Roijé who based the shape on industrial chimneys, this unique outdoor burner stands 6.5 feet tall, and is made in Holland with Corten steel that's meant to oxidize with the elements over time, giving it an inviting copper color that will blend in great with naturally-colored seating and decorative elements.

  • GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV

    We're not sure about the company's claim that it makes camping more glamorous — after all, you're still camping — but we are sure you'd be hard pressed to camp in higher style than you can in the GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV. As the name suggests, this unique camper is built completely from carbon fiber for reduced weight and more strength, and offers features like custom exterior lighting, marine-grade hardware, an interior filled with leather and carbon fiber, a large lounge area that doubles as a workstation, a walk-through master bath, and a flush-body design for enhanced maneuverability. Options include a smartphone control system, an integrated generator, a solar power system, a second awning, and, most likely, a second mortgage so you can actually pay for it.

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